Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Crop-Top

Summer is hitting the other side of the world.. Not where I'm currently staying because I'm in Sydney. But well.. there's a plus a being an oversea student. When Sydney gets cold and I'm getting sick of the winter with crazy wind blowing, I still can have a getaway to where summer currently.. hih..
So that's why even though, winter is coming to Syd.. I still manage to pull together some summer looks.

Crop-tops are hot.. I mean they're perfect for summer..

Going to the beach or going to a party, with the right crop-top, you still can look hot yet not feeling hot. lol. 

I used to have the stupid idea like: just skinny girls can pull off a crop top. But it isn't true. You can always pair your crop-top with high waist short (lower pic) or high waist skirt (upper pic) to get the cover you want. 

 Or with the lower 2 pics, people won't even be able to see your tummy at all, yet it's still a crop-top. hmm.. just not so crop anymore.

My point is if you're looking for a summer outfit, you can consider any of these outfits without having to worry about how your abs might look (thanks for the creation of high waist pants and shorts and skirt >:P) or you know, you always have that option of hitting the gym. You know.. not so effortless but it's healthy, plus, you'd look great.. 
Thank you for reading, xoxo

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